Cocktail functions venues in Melbourne

Cocktails functions are one of a kind parties used for social or business purposes. These functions are usually conducted in restaurants and hotels during a specified period. For example, most managers schedule cocktail reception to take place within a period of one hour after the main event. Guests socialize and engage together while eating and drinking appetizers during this time. Besides, the organizers of cocktail functions use this hour to limit the number of guests arriving late and occupy the guests between related events.

The venues of these functions need to meet the expectations of the guests. It ought to take place within a serene and exciting environment spacious enough to accommodate all the guests. The volume and variety of food is an absolute requirement that should be served in plenty to cater for all the individual needs for all that are present. The services should be of high quality, and the staff must embrace best hospitable skills.

Melbourne has excellent function venues that are highly reputable and meets the expectations of the clients. These places have stood out as one of the exceptional destinations for several cocktails functions over the years. Examples of these venues include Cru Wine Bar and Café, Friends of Mine, Botherambo, LUX and Lux Foundry among others.

All Smiles is one of the unique cocktail wedding reception venues where passion and expertise guarantee highly successful events. It caters the needs of all events ranging from small to large cocktail occasions. It provides for all the meals from breakfast to dinner, and this makes it unique because many venues do not provide for this kind of leniency. Besides, All Smiles is known to accommodate all packages that meet the expectations of different clients. See more here –

Friends of Mine venue offer a unique package that is only suitable for private events. These events range from for birthdays, weddings, private high teas, engagements, hen’s parties, anniversaries and corporate dinners among other activities. It covers all these functions owing to its intimate and unique space for celebrations. The managers of the venue assist the clients on how to organize and shape the parties to suit their needs. Therefore, this venue is a perfect destination for guests interested in unique styles and creativity.

Botherambo function venue offers an exciting spacious venue that adopts unique design. It can accommodate a minimum of eight people to a maximum of one hundred and fifty people invited for different cocktail parties. It is accessible and considered one of the most suitable venues in Melbourne.

Lux offers the most amazing cocktail wedding reception venue based at the center of South Yarra. It is known for its exclusive sound and lighting art alongside breathtaking finishes of table and booth services. This venue offers the guests memorable moments they will not easily forget in their lifetime.

Lux Foundry function venue is an exclusive warehouse venue that hosts different events and functions. It provides a relaxed environment that is suitable for a range of events such as weddings, corporate functions, and other celebrations. This venue mainly specializes on cocktail functions that have a capacity of up to one hundred and ten people. Thus this venue gives the best cocktail services that meet different needs of the clients.