Best Melbourne Asbestos Removal Company

Serving all of Melbourne, we are the go to company for roof restoration and asbestos removal in the area. With an accredited program, a team of highly qualified professionals, and a wide array of price options to best suit your individual needs, we our confident our service is the only stop you will need to make along the way to ridding yourself of asbestos once and for all. There are several companies in Melbourne that do this type of work – but will give you a great deal and are professionals in their field. They provide a 10 year guarantee and have many years experience.

No matter your location within Melbourne, if you call and arrange a consultation, we will be there! There will be no hidden fees or extra charges for doing so either. One of our team members will survey the situation and find out the exact best method for removal. Arrangements can be made from there, and you will have several options from which to choose from. Pricing is competitive, as we know everyone has a budget of some form or another. No matter what, we will find an option that best works for you.


Asbestos is tricky business indeed, with significant detriment to the health of those exposed to it. It is a known cause of a myriad of terrible health issues and disorders, not the least of which is cancer. Even being around it is dangerous enough, but to go about having direct contact in removing it yourself is akin to playing with landmines!

You might be wondering why asbestos was ever used in the first place if it is so dangerous. Simply put, no one knew at the time. As far as insulating the likes of roofing, tiles in the floor, and sewage and water pipes, asbestos is an effective material. It was cheap to acquire and utilize, leading to its ultimate ubiquitous nature. The toxicity of the product was only discovered much later. It is unfortunate, but luckily, the battle is far from over.

Save yourself a lot of grief. With the aid of our team, who have years of experience in dealing with asbestos safely and efficiently, the health of your home or business can be improved tenfold. There will be no cutting of corners in the process. We have a serious zero tolerance policy regarding asbestos, so you can be sure we will remove every single bit when on the job.

No matter the size or type, if you own a building of any form riddled with asbestos, do not hesitate to call us for a consultation. If you have an old roof that needs repair or restoration get in touch with eastern melbourne roofing today -you will not be disappointed.